PSIKER is a Milanese singer-songwriter and producer, whose name comes from the union of “psyche” (from the Greek psyché – soul/mind) and the suffix “er” (which in English identifies “he who”). For the artist the use of this pseudonym is the fastest way to present himself as “he who thinks”, because it is the thought at the base of all his production.

Since 2001 he has been developing every phase of his musical project, which combines sound and image, from synth-pop sounds with late ’80s / early ’90s influences and which has involved about a hundred musicians and collaborators to date. 

Driven by his endless creativity, he has released, since 2008, 6 albums: Logic (2008), Genial (2011), Synthetico (2012), Exist (2014), Maximo (2016), Momentum (2020); preceded by three demo-albums without distribution: Artismo (2005), Daydreams (2004) and Delivery (2003)

17 singles have been taken from the albums: Logic, which in 2008 allowed him to sign his first record contract with Universo (Lunapop, Zeroassoluto, etc.); Insalata di riso, a song that in 2009 ranked 43rd among the most watched songs of the week on Youtube and Genial, whose video clip in 2011 reached 26th place among the most watched videos of the day on Youtube.

Maximo, published on 2/12/2016, features the singer of the bands psiker listened to in the 90s, when, as a teenager, he did not know that they would influence the musical style of the songs he would start writing a few years later. Maximo features: Francesca Gastaldi (Zerozen), Raffaella Destefano (Madreblu), Luca Urbani (Soerba) e Odette Di Maio (Soon).

Psiker’s latest record is Momentum, published on 13/03/2020, two days before his 40th birthday and on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the birth of his artistic alter ego. The album is with no doubt his most international one. Started in the mystical lands of Donegall, Ireland, which have always inspired the young musician through the music of its many artists. The album was later enriched by collaborations selected on Instagram – Jonny Fitch from Belfast (programming, guitars, bass), HunBjørn from Copenhagen (vocals and choirs). Due to biographical experiences, Momentum presents a more introspective artistic framework, certainly less ironic and biting than previous productions, with more melancholic atmospheres and vaguely dark sounds that, however, have not lost markedly dance rhythms. 

On 27/03/2021 Psiker will perform at the Teatro Blu in Milan in a concert event with which he will celebrate the release of the new album Momentum, the 20 years since the beginning of his musical career and his first 40 years. Guests from the Italian indie music scene will alternate on stage with psiker (tickets

Psiker’s albums and singles are distributed by iMusician, in all major digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) and for streaming (Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, etc.).