Born in 1980, Psiker is a singer-songwriter and producer from Milan. Since 2001 he has been working on every phase of his musical project, which combines image and sound, ranging from synth-pop sounds with influences from the late 80s and the beginning of the 90s.

In the early 2000s, he released three demo-albums – “Delivery” (2003), “Daydreams” (2004) and “Artismo” (2005) – followed by six studio albums with a total of over a hundred artists involved: “Logic” (2008), “Genial” (2011), “Synthetico” (2012), “Exist” (2014), “Maximo” (2016) and “Momentum” (2020).  In 2008 he signed his first contract with the Universo record label.

In 2016 he releases “Maximo”, an album in which he gathers the voices of the bands he listened to in the 90s during his teenage years and that influenced the musical style and writing of his first songs. On the album, along with Psiker, are: Francesca Gastaldi (Zerozen), Raffaella Destefano (Madreblu), Luca Urbani (Soerba) and Odette Di Maio (Soon). 

Published in March 2020, just a few days before his 40th birthday, “Momentum” was written in Donegall (Ireland) and is characterised by multiple international influences. Subsequently, the album was enhanced by collaborations with Irish producer Jonny Fitch (programming, guitars, bass) and Danish singer and producer HunBjørn (vocals and backing vocals).

In 2022 he signed a contract with ADA Music Italy – Warner Music Italy’s distribution division.

On April 8th 2022 Psiker is back on the scene with “CTRL ALT CANC” feat. VEGA (ADA Music Italy), the new song on the radio and available on streaming platforms and digital download. Produced by Psiker himself with Whizy (a Neapolitan producer born in ’97 who has collaborated with Clementino and Nicola Siciliano, among many other artists) and enhanced by the collaboration with the young Lucanian rapper Vega, “Ctrl Alt Canc” is a song about the moment when you find yourself coming to terms with the wrong choices and failures and you decide to reset everything, as you do on the computer keyboard, by pressing the keys Ctrl Alt Canc.

June 3, 2022 is the turn of “SPAM (UFFA)” (ADA Music Italy), produced with J’Adore LaDoor and mastered by Daniele Franzese.

“Retrofront”, Psiker seventh album, was released on September 30th 2022. The new album was made by 7 producers: together with Psiker, Daniele Franzese, J’Adore LaDoor, Loogos, Starchild, Mr.Bohem and Whizy, young producers mainly active in the Italian urban, trap and rap scene, worked on the album’s production.