Retrofront, the seventh album, out on September 30th 2022.

September 30 sees the digital release of ‘Retrofront,’ the new album by Psiker, the alter ego of Milan-based Finance Manager Massimo Curcio. Psiker’s 7th studio album was made by 7 producers: together with Psiker, Daniele Franzese, J’Adore ladoor, Loogos, Starchild, Mr.Bohem and Whizy, young producers mainly active in the Italian urban, trap and rap scene, worked on the album’s production.

“The first thing I like to tell about ‘Retrofront’-Psiker emphasizes-is the fact that it was co-produced with six other producers, who on average are half my age. This is the first time I’ve allowed myself to do this kind of collaboration. In 20 years I’ve never had the courage to do it because I didn’t want others to put their hands on what, in my opinion, determines more than anything else the final sound of a song: the production and arrangements. With ‘Retrofront’ I felt the time was right to do it. These are tracks that were born spontaneously, just like the first ones I wrote in the early 2000s, but I wanted for them a more current sound, a fresher production.”

‘Retrofront,’ distributed by ADA Music Italy, was recorded at Psikerstudio, No Type Studio and Vault Studio in Milan. The album consists of 10 tracks in which the artist analyzes everyday office life with a critical spirit, yet without sacrificing irony. From a musical point of view, ‘Retrofront’ is characterized by a particular union of the typical sounds of the 80s and 90s with the more contemporary ones typical of the new generations of musicians, especially the urban and trap scene.